Take your brand outside – where your customers are

Summer has finally arrived, people are spending more and more time outdoors and on the streets. According to Google Mobility Report, people spend 90% more time in parks!


Changes in movement habits can be found here: https://www.google.com/covid19/mobility/<br />
Source: COVID-19 Community Mobility Report, 12th of June, 2022

People spend more time outdoors during summer

In summer, people spend less time at home and move around outdoors and on the streets. Outdoor media is considered a natural part of the street scene, where brands and companies are met by the consumer with a positive and open mindset. So summer is just the time to take your brand to the streets with outdoor media!

Read here why to choose pillars as advertising spaces in summer!

Gather inspiration from some of the campaigns that have already used outdoor media this summer:


Farmi's campaign on pillars


Premia's campaign on digital screens


Estonian Theatrical Distribution and Transpordiamet on our billboards


A. Le Coq's campaign on columns and pillars

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