Special solutions


...in outdoor media are quite eye-catching but also require careful thought and planning

Here are some tips for finding an effective special solution:

Format – find a suitable format from the list of formats provided by Clear Channel Estonia.

If possible, check out the previous works by Clear Channel Estonia.

Idea – formulate your advertising idea as concisely as possible. This is needed when the designer is developing the visuals and the technical department of Clear Channel Estonia is assessing the technical and feasibility options.

Draft – submit the draft of the idea (ideally finalised by a designer) to determine the approximate material requirements, workload, and cost of the project.

Mock-up – the best way to test the suitability and reliability of a special solution is by using a mock-up. This includes assessing attachment possibilities, weather resistance, and vandal-resistance. The mock-up is created with the help of the technical department of Clear Channel Estonia.


– the installation time will be determined based on the size and complexity of the campaign. The deadline for the production of the materials and their delivery to the technical department of Clear Channel Estonia depend on this. Normally, the delivery of materials to the technical department of Clear Channel Estonia takes place 2–3 business days before the start of the campaign.

– If a special solution is placed at a height in people’s reach in urban space, consider the possibility of vandalism. Extra material is needed for follow-up maintenance.

Include the later disposal of campaign materials in the campaign budget.