Below you will find important documents such as our standard terms for provision of advertising services and trading terms, sustainability report and information on reporting serious issues.

General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to an agreement for the provision of advertising space by Clear Channel Estonia. Click on the link below to download the documents.

Standard terms for provision of advertising services (ENG)

Trading Terms

Reporting Serious Concerns

  • If you are a customer or member of the public and have any queries or concerns about our work, please contact us at or Compliance on
  • If you are an employee (current or former), consultant, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, business partner or investor (or are connected to anyone who has this relationship with Clear Channel) click here (NB: this address is not available to members of the public).

Clear Channel Supplier code of conduct

ESG report

Here you can read about the activities, values ​​and goals of the company’s social, management and environmental standards.