This back-to-school season, out of home media is the best solution for brands. With inflation putting pressure on household budgets, parents are looking for value. These consumers are now looking to OOH ads to show them where they can get the most value from their purchases.

Reach back-to-school campaign's target audience

OOH can help brands connect with back-to-school shoppers no matter where they are this summer. People are traveling at an extraordinary rate this summer, and many of those travelers are value-conscious consumers who are already thinking about the needs of “back to school” season.

Our billboards are particularly noticeable to those traveling by car, but also to cyclists and pedestrians. We offer billboard locations all over Estonia, which gives you the opportunity to reach a wider target audience!

We are constantly expanding our network of Travel Digital screens, where it is possible to perfectly capture the attention of travelers, the newest double-sided screen is located at the Jõhvi bus station.


Outdoor media is one of the most influential advertising platforms

Outdoor media is the perfect solution for brands this back-to-school season! Today’s OOH is one of the most cost-effective and high-impact advertising platforms, enabling engaging and memorable experiences for consumers.

Include digital screens in your campaign – 53% of consumers believe that digital outdoor media gives them all the information they need when making a purchase decision.


Pillars are also extremely suitable for showcasing the message of your back-to-school campaign, 3 sides of the pillar allow you to convey three products or messages in one location!

Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful project managers to plan your back-to-school campaign:

Fred Nagelmann +372 555 62200, fred.nagelmann@clearchannel.ee

Rauno Pärna +372 585 86059, rauno.parna@clearchannel.ee


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