We are happy to announce, that NOCCO chose to partner up with us for their very first OOH campaign! Their campaign took place in February and they chose billboards and City Spark digital screens. With the campaign, they introduced their new product and message - "Your future starts now".


Customer satisfaction is important to us

Since we had not worked with NOCCO before, we wanted to know if they were satisfied with the campaign and our cooperation. We were very pleased to hear that the customer was very satisfied with the cooperation!

“I especially liked to see how NOCCO conquered the streets of Tallinn!” Annika Vokksepp, GKR Trade marketing specialist

In addition, the customer also liked the wide selection of billboards all over Tallinn and the opportunity to choose the locations they liked. Besides billboards, they also used our City Spark digital screens, through which NOCCO was able to show the uniqueness of its own brand through video.

Incorporating digital screens into a static outdoor media campaign also makes the campaign much more effective! According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, the inclusion of digital screens in a campaign increases brand awareness by 31% and the message of the campaign by 61%.


How to connect OOH with digital marketing?

NOCCO also found a way to connect the outdoor media campaign to digital marketing and thereby involve its existing fans in the campaign. Outdoor media is a great way to find new customers, but it’s also important for brands to retain and value their existing customers.

According to GKR Trade’s marketing specialist, one of NOCCO’s greatest values is people, meaning all NOCCO fans who consume their products on a daily basis and who share the same values with them in terms of training, a healthy lifestyle and meeting goals. In order to involve the social media audience, they organized a fun activity where a person had to notice a NOCCO poster in Tallinn and share a picture of it on their social media. Throughout the week they announced winners among people who had shared a picture.


“It is important for NOCCO to motivate and inspire all the people who want to achieve their goals, be it in the gym, on the football field, in the office or elsewhere. As the message from the NOCCO outdoor media said – Your future begins now!” Annika Vokksepp, GKR Trade marketing specialist

Black Friday offers

NOCCO launched its campaign in connection with our Black Friday offers, which they will be interested in next year as well. If you want to be among the first to hear about Black Friday’s offers, join our newsletter and don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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Source: Clear Channel: Adshel Live   The Dynamic Difference (2016)