Clear Channel has brought a network of digital advertising spaces in supermarkets to the Estonian market, having already successfully used the network in Finland for years. The product is called Store Digital. Currently, one of Clear Channel’s collaboration partners is Prisma Peremarket. At the moment, the modern digital advertising network Store Digital is in use in five supermarkets in Tallinn, as well as in one smaller supermarket in the Old Town.

Purchase decisions can be influenced

Estonians shop often. This is highlighted by the amount of contacts: up to 2 million per week. That is the number of viewers that can currently see your message via the Store Digital network. In a year, the current network of five stores allows for about 15 million contacts. The network of stores will soon be expanded.

According to studies on consumer behaviour, almost 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store right before making the purchase. Attractive in-store advertising spaces enable you to influence purchase decisions at the right moment.

Did you know?

– 68% purchase decisions concerning food products are unplanned;

– eight out of ten people do not have a shopping list when they enter a store;

– the buyer is very open to the influence of direct advertising messages.

Strategically planned placement guarantees visibility

The screens are placed in a way that allows every customer of the store to see them. For the most part, 86-inch screens are used; these are the biggest screens in use in the network of indoor advertising spaces in Estonia.

Advertisements can be transmitted as 10-second clips in a cycle of 70 seconds at most. The message will be transmitted on all screens; with a full package it will be shown during every cycle, whereas with a half package, it will be shown during every other cycle.

At the right place at the right time

According to the results of follow-up studies for campaigns in Finland, 86% of store-goers had noticed advertising messages transmitted by the Store Digital network.

Therefore, this network of advertising spaces is useful for advertisers in two ways. Firstly, it is reasonable to include this advertising format in your product campaigns, because it reaches your target group. Secondly, it is a good way to transmit promotional messages such as ‘Did you grab the curd snacks already?’ to remind the shopper of other things they might want to add to their cart. Using Store Digital, you will be closer to influencing the consumer’s purchase decision than ever before.

Store Digital allows you to present your message via the right channel, at the right moment, and at the right place.