Most special campaigns of 2022

In the new year, it's always good to take a look back at past achievements and recap the outdoor media campaigns that stood out the most. This time, we focused on new customers in the selection of campaigns and decided to bring you the 10 most memorable of them in 2022.

TUI "Enjoy your vacation in LRS hotels!"

The TUI holiday campaign displayed on the round pillars in the center of Tallinn certainly did not go unnoticed. Visibility was greatly increased by the shared message and the February snow decorating the background. Who wouldn’t want a warm holiday trip in the winter?

Would you like the message of your campaign to be conveyed on our round pillars? Find out more HERE.


Nike winter coat campaign

In cooperation with Intense Growth Hub agency, Nike campaign was on our Urban, Travel and City Spark digital surfaces from the end of February to the beginning of March. They came to the streets with a message that surely made some people want to go to the store to buy a new winter jacket. In addition to the striking -50% discount offer, the pink color tone was inventively approached, which gave the digital campaign a unique look.


Tradehouse store and online store campaign

As a result of the creative ideas of the Tradehouse team, their visual identity underwent an update. The eye-catching colorful design invited people to the renewed store in the Nautica center and make convenient purchases in the online store. We broadcast the invitation both on pillars and billboards in Tallinn.


RigaLive "Christmas in Riga"

It was a very fun campaign that could be seen on all our digital screens. Did the advertisement also make you want to visit Riga during the holidays?

If you want to raise awareness of the campaign on our digital screens click HERE.


A special solution of Pandipakend

At the beginning of the summer, you could see a round pillar with a special Pandipakend solution in front of the Forum center in the center of Tallinn. The campaign, which focused on the circular economy, caught the attention of passers-by at one of the busiest intersections in the city center. We are very happy when clients use such a creative approach to convey an important message!

Do you want to come to the streets with a special solution? Find out more HERE.


IKEA "The real IKEA experience"

Last year, the first world-wide IKEA furniture and home furnishing center was opened in Estonia. Before that, the campaign could be seen on our pillars in the center of Tallinn, Lasnamäe, Nõmme, Pirita and Kristiine. IKEA’s ad featured affordable prices and an upcoming opening date, which gave the target audience the opportunity to plan their visit early.


Let's Do It World "World Cleanup Day 2022"

We consider charity extremely important in our company, which is why we were very happy to spread the World Cleanup Day campaign. Interesting fact: the promotion started in 2018 in Estonia! Every year, the percentage of participants has increased significantly, and this September you can join in too! By acting together, we can overcome environmental problems!



Caparol "Breathe Freely"

Caparol’s campaign reminded everyone how necessary it is to not use non-healthy building paint for repair work. The billboards combined with our digital surfaces made it possible to reach even more people!

Find out more about our billboards HERE.


Qvalitas digital clinic campaign

In August, Tartu mnt breakthrough was decorated with a beautiful Qvalitas campaign, which consisted of four designs and turned out to be very effective in this location. The campaign spreading awareness about the digital clinic app caught the eye of both pedestrians and drivers.

Additional information about the Tartu mnt breakthrough HERE.


Solaris Christmas campaign

Solaris came to the streets in December with a stylish design, the main goal of which was to attract people to do their last shopping before the Christmas holidays. All three designs of the campaign were represented on the sides of the round pillar, which gave the opportunity to catch the attention of people coming from different directions. Campaign was created in cooperation with Mediabroker agency.


We are very grateful to all customers for the great campaigns!

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