Key advantages of DOOH

DOOH, or digital outdoor advertising, offers advertisers a number of great opportunities in this era of modern marketing and value-added economy. Consumers spend a considerable amount of time on social media, so brands have to fight hard to get their share of consumer attention in these marketplaces. Because of this, companies need a distinctive way to get their message across and increase awareness of their brand.


Store digital screen in Sikupilli Prisma

What is digital out-of-home media?

Outdoor advertising does not interrupt or interfere with anything, which is why it is considered a natural part of the street scene. Brands are encountered in a positive and open mindset in the best and most prominent places in cities.

Our digital screens are located in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. You can find our digital screens in city centres, bus stations, shopping centres and along busy streets.


City Spark digital screen on Reidi tee

Reach a wider audience

Consumers no longer rely solely on traditional media to search for information, making it even more challenging to reach audiences. For example, the popularity of online news has shaken the position of print magazines, and paying for streaming services allows you to watch your favorite series and movies without commercials.

With digital outdoor advertising, you reach consumers on the go – not stuck on their mobile phones or tablets. Few other media are able to address their customers when other media fuss is at their lowest.


Urban digital screen next to Stockmann shopping centre


Advertising in traditional media gives advertisers little flexibility in designing their ad content. To get the consumer’s attention, the message needs to be kept as simple as possible, so only a limited amount of information can be included in a single ad. But digital outdoor advertising can be used to adapt advertising content flexibly and on a case-by-case basis.

For example, a retailer can advertise an upcoming discount campaign by displaying daily countdowns to the start of the campaign on digital outdoor display screens. However, if it were decided to postpone the promotion, or if a non-advertised product seemed to receive more demand, the content of the ad could change even at a short notice. DOOH allows you to easily carry out campaigns, that only last for one or two days, for example on certain holidays.


Urban digital screen on the wall of Meloni Ă„rimaja

Become a storyteller

Static advertising allows you to convey only one message or only a small portion of a story at a time, but digital outdoor advertising allows you to tell the story of your ad content. As an advertiser, you can both explain to the consumer why he should buy from your company and make the purchase as easy as possible for him.

In order to increase the effectiveness of advertising and attract as much interest as possible in digital outdoor advertising, it is worth using a moving image.


City Spark digital screen on Merivälja tee

Adding LED-screens to a static outdoor campaign will make it even more effective! Binet and Field IPA analysis has proved, that campaigns that include digital screens are more likely to double business metrics, including profits and market share.

DOOH has many advantages, contact our friendly project managers and we will find the best solution for you:

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