10 campaigns that won our hearts in 2021

Another year full of exciting campaigns has passed. We are officially concluding the year 2021 with a collection of ten campaigns, that made this last year even more special for us.

Acme „Spider-Man: No Way Home“

„I personally love movies and I wish to see even more of them in outdoor media! There should definitely be more Estonian movies as well on the streets – they deserve the attention!“ Merili Pokasaar, director of sales and marketing


Samsung on Tartu mnt breakthrough

„I vividly remember this, because during this campaign the pillars of Tartu mnt breakthrough were compared to skyscrapers. I think this is an awesome comparison!“ Merili Pokasaar, director of sales and marketing


Tele2 campaigns on pillars

„Tele2 campaigns often feature products and the three sides of a pillar are a great way to showcase different products in one location! Of course we have to applaud the designers for capturing the possibilities of this format so well!” Fred Nagelmann, sales manager


Alexela „Durable coffee art“ special solution in the centre of Tallinn

„Special solutions are always eye-catching! Especially when they have eyes! The great thing was that the message of the campaign was also about being more environmentally friendly!” Fred Nagelmann, sales manager


Vaba lava show „Keegi KGB-st“

„I love when clients have a creative approach and choose a location with a little catch that goes together with the message of the campaign! The more clever ones noticed that the campaign poster location was opposite of the Estonian Internal Security Service!“ Merili Pokasaar, director of sales and marketing


ORKLA campaign „Mesikäpp”

„I think I bought a few too many sweets from Mesikäpp during that campaign :P Merili Pokasaar, director of sales and marketing


Pandora campaigns on digital screens

„Pandora campaigns included a large portion of our digital screen network! We are extremely happy to offer our clients even more ways to connect to their customers using digital screens Fred Nagelmann, sales manager


A. Le Coq „Kali“ pillars all over Tallinn

„This was really a very memorable campaign! The customer gave us positive feedback and the product was so well suited to the pillar format! I believe nobody could ignore this campaign on the streets!” Rauno Pärna, project manager


LHV „Väikelaen“

LHV bank used different formats to send out their message, which further increased the visibility of their campaign! And of course I love the simplicity of the design – it is an important aspect in outdoor advertising!” Rauno Pärna, project manager


Bondora „Think big with Bondora“

„This campaign was very well suited to snowy Tallinn before Christmas. The successive posts of the breakthrough on Tartu mnt provide an opportunity to tell a story and Bondora took advantage of it so well! Really a great example of creative thinking!” Rauno Pärna, project manager


We're so happy with all of our campaigns, we're more than certain that we have the best clients, thank you!

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